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Abu Ghraib Prison
JT ( / Owensboro, KY)

Abu Ghraib Prison

Pictures flit across the screen,
Vile pictures ~ Truly obscene,
Bodies entangled and wound so tight,
Multiple bodies stacked for height,
Some of the subjects wore bags as masks,
One wore undies and was displayed to bask,
In the pictures were soldiers that smiled,
Proud of the art that they styled,
Laughing at the tormented men,
Slapping and smacking ~ Discipline,
American soldiers ~ Prison guards,
Sent to protect Iraq’s yards,
Protect and fight for Iraq to be free,
Sent to do good ~ Not to impede,
America proud to extend her hand,
To this country in the desert sand,
Seeing what Saddam had done,
To his people and their sons,
Murder happened everyday,
The lost were found in mass graves,
America truly wanted to give,
A better future ~ Her only motive,
Then these pictures hit the press,
American soldiers no one could dismiss,
Horror swept through this land,
This isn’t what America planned,
These pictures smacked America’s face,
And left a stain ~ A stain of disgrace,
Freedom will now live in the news,
Listen to the different views,
Democracy lives as the system weaves,
This is your chance ~ Open your eyes ~ Believe.

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