Poem By Mimiko moruf oluwakayode

The land that flows
with milk and honey
where are thy glories?
where are thy strenght?
am highly disappointed in thee
with these my heart
has become a citadel of shame

Horrible tangle with horror
grey hair never know peace
strive and strike they are
to make there bed

lad and lass toil day and night
to put a sun in their night
horror beget horror
they never get

Slavery and oppression is thy name
heh heh heh heh
land of peace
where beggers cry in agony
in the powerful nakedness of the sun
hitting their black back skin
as if the gods are angry of our sight

Africa! the land of plenty
where merciful and merciles
black politician hail from
who bossom the sweat and grims
of million toiling day and night
crushing them of their freedom

nevertheless, the tomtom
of revolution beats in our heart
for our ancestors to dig more
graves to the unjust

Comments about Abuja

What a naked truth costumed by the wit of poesy.I love your use of symbolism.

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A Hole In My Heart

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