Abundant Life

I thought you were the problem.
That my life would somehow right itself if only you were gone.
I was wrong.
I thought that all my suffering would leave when you did.
I thought that peace would come,
To my life,
When you were no longer in it.

But now you’re gone.
Finally, I am left alone.
Now you cannot hurt me.
Now you cannot hinder me.
Now you can no longer deprive me,
Of the right to be me.
Now you are gone.
And I have discovered….

That I am the problem.
That my life will not somehow right itself,
Because I am the one.
I don’t know where my suffering comes from,
With you not here to blame.
That peace I thought would be mine,
With so much pain.

So my problem is me.
What do I do with that,
As I sit here on my hands?
I am paralyzed by unbelief, by shame,
By life’s demands.
Is this a shroud of death I’m wearing?
Could I step out of it?
Can I admit this fear I’m wearing,
Just isn’t the right fit?

I am not alone on this life’s journey.
I am right here standing next to me.
I know that God’s my helper,
My friend and lover.
I know that He’s my Destiny.
As God accepts me,
I accept me,
Sitting right where I am.
My spirit rises and embraces a vibrant life with Him.
And so I leave my problem,
Sitting there,
In my chair,
Watching me,
Live my Abundant Life.

by connie crane

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Life abundancy can be made more beautiful with more wisdom and more exploration...........Even a small millisecond can have the effect of abundancy if lived or passed with happiness..........The last stanza is very inspirational conveying a message that nothing is permanent and its the creator who is the bestower.........so one should enjoy the adequacy of life gifted to us by God...........absolute 10