Poem By ... suzyonelittledev

Some where in the darkeness
In the corners of my mind
There is a childhood memory
That I no longer want to find

It haunts me in my nightmares
Affects me day to day
I wish that I could feel love
And make it go away

Somewhere in the shadows
Hides a man I don’t want to see
I feel so very frightened
He’s comeing after me.

He tells me it’s a secret
And says I must not tell
For if I open my mouth
Be sure I’ll go to hell.

And if I tell somebody
My sister and brother
will get it to
So if I keep so silent
Then I will save you two.

But he was just a liar
And I couldn’t stop your pain
And us three together
Must learn to be strong again.

And now that we are grown up
From time to time we think
My alchaholic sister
Why did you turn to drink.

My drug addicted brother
It only numbs your pain
But I have finally found the strength
to bring you both back again.

Now I have faced my demons
I can now help you face yours
Its time once and for all
To finally close these doors.

So sister when your in darkness
And brother when your in pain
Instead of reaching for the bottle
And taking more drugs again.

Stretch out your hand to me
And I will grip it tight
I’ll take you from the darkness
Take you back into the light.

I’ll take you into the sunshine
And dry up all your rain
I’ll give you all the strength I have
To take away your pain.

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I really like this poem good work it rhymes too! -victoria

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when you are in the darkness
alone and feeling blue
tears falling down your face
wondering what to do.


why do I love you
when your face ive not seen
why do you haunt me
In reality and dreams


In her heart, mind and body
A war rages deep within
She’s trying to control her feelings
She’s trying not to commit a sin.

Love And Affection

You asked for love and affection
I gave it willingly
But did that give you the right
To be so cruel to me.


Don’t judge me for I never once judged you
Don’t tell me what I am supposed to do
Don’t tell me with whom I can speak
I am strong no longer weak.