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JP (10/03/92 / Hadley)


Tell me when in going to know that someone is there by my side...
That in the end i dont have to hide
That in the night i dont have to cry
My parents blackened my eyes and then apologized
as love and pain became one in the same in the eyes of a wounded child
I just thought that hell was for children
But as i grew up i started to find out that i shouldnt of had to pay for there love with my bones and flesh
So ya i thought hell was for children
I still have never understood why
Or how a mother could do that to their child
But when you have a mother that lacks all love
Then in the end a child just dies inside
As i did that day
That they took my sisters and me away
You hurt me alot and that is true
But i still loved you...

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Comments (3)

These are hard to read. But they must be read regularly if we are to rid ourselves of this human plague. GW62
Very emotional, moving words laying out the pain of abuse. Thank you for posting this, so that I and others might read it.
You are an outstanding poet Jenn!