Abuse Me

He hit me again tonight
He say I make him do it
He says if I wasan't so stupid
It would't happen at all
Why don't I believe him
I'm trying so hard to make thing work between the to of us
But I know he has someone on the side.
When ever he hits me I lie for him
I sat i walked into the door
or I feel down the stairs
He knows just where to hit me
Where no-one can see the bruses
At night when he is not there
I cry myself to sleep and I hope and
pray the my daughter dose not wake up screaming
like she sometims does
I want to leave him but I can't after all I did say

by lissa pullen

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someone very close to me was in the same position, get out and live your life free of the fist, don't think leaving is the end, it is the start, the scars take time to heal leave or you nevef know, it might end in till death us do part