MA (June 22 1993 / Waycross Ga.)

Abuse(The Way I And You Feel)

Mama (Daddy) please stop yelling,
I can't stand the sound,
Your fighting is painful and its killing me now,
I hear glass breaking as i lie awake in my bed,
Painful memories just running through my head,
It ain't easy having to live life on shells,
Always hear by myself,
Always wondering where love could be,
Can you see,
Why do you have to destroy everthing about me,
Can we work this out,
Why can't we be a family,
I promise i'll change,
I'll do anything,
Just please stop yelling,
I wish you could see the scars within my soul,
Your heart is so cold,
I ran away today,
Ran from the miserable life, no longer care, just ran away,
Don't want to go back to that hateful place,
But I have no choice anyway,
A helping hand, no one will lend,
Can you tell me, When will this life end?

(I want to dedicate this the all, whom are or have been in an abusive issue)
(C) 2008

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