SA ( / Mcdill Airforce Base)


It’s dark outside,
Rain is falling from the sky,
Like the teardrops of a broken heart,
Your parents have been drinking again,
I see it in the bruises upon your face,
You tell me that you are fine,
But I still see your hidden pain,
It lingers in the depths of your blue eyes,
I sigh and with a gentle fingertip,
I trace the bruises,
Maybe I shouldn’t worry,
I can’t help it though,
You’re my world,
My everything,
And in my eyes the bruises,
I see continue to hurt you,
? ore than you might like to admit,
I also know that no matter what,
You won’t turn out like them,
Because you’re just not like that…

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An emotional poem Silver that I can relate to........regards..............willow