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Abused Heart
KO (9/22 / Bronx, NY)

Abused Heart

Here you have my heart wrapped around your feet
So that every step you take, it and the ground meet
But still I long for my heart to move and our hearts to greet
Connections rise but as conversations get deep, I must retreat
Let my mind fall back as I analyze your each and every thought
My soul wants to roam free but your love trap has me caught
You won't release it but you don't have any plans to use me
Tying your heartstrings to mine but them tying rather loosely
Breaking and completely abusing my heart until you're bored
Done with my heart, you decisively pull my life support cord
Leave me to die while my breaths continually get faster
Heart and chest beating at a pace that is impossible to master
My skin and soul fade slowly as you watch, rather amused
Knowing you have no intentions of fixing what you abused
But you're soul is just as broken and bloodied as mine
And I'm asking you now to draw us both an even line
An infinitely moving line between both love and hate
Let them quarrel over who owns my heart in a debate
Hate rarely pulls off a win and seems like the heavy underdog
But it's seeming to win when the smoke clears with the fog
But wishful thinking leads to my heart laid out on the street
I may never go up when my heart is wrapped around your feet

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