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Abused People
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Abused People

Poem By Wallis minten

They hide their pain with laughter
They tell people that they're just feeling tired
When they want to burst into tears
They hide the truth behind a smile
Such is the life of a person who is abused
They must lock their pain away or they will fall apart
They feel so alone and lost in the world
And hold nothing but pain in their hearts
But abused people hide their pain so well
That no one can tell that they are ready to break
Until they finally can't hold it in any more
And finally they only have one choice to make

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A nice poem written with insight on the pains abused people endure in silence on daily bases until they reached braking points. I like the articulation of the piece and the conviction of the poet. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.