The One True God Of Jacob (Sedoka)

The One True God Of Jacob (Sedoka)

Who is My Father
Could he be the One True God
The Father of Abraham
The God of Isaac
The One True God of Jacob
For I will serve no other

Edwin Tanguma © 10/17/2013

by Edwin Tanguma

Comments (19)

Very vivid and profoundly touching poem, excellently written.
One of the best poems that I ever read, You can sit so comfortable on top, between the best writers of our world! Well composed this poem has sweet musical flow, touched the heart, created tears by showing unbearable pain and suffering, yet it ends positive with hope and happiness. Excellent pen, thank you for sharing! Congratulations!
Excellent, well written and moving, congrats on poem and getting poem of the day.
Very deep and full of light poem!
Very well done. A message of hope and encouragement for others who have endured similar trials. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on having it chosen as poem of the day.
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