Abusive Memories

Forte of a man's voice freezing her in mi-track, blindly
searching her mind for a way out.

There was none, falling inside, choking on helplessness,
embarrassed, being temporarily used for licentious desires.

Raking apart an entire being, heart, soul and mind, reeling
from sins of hatred and violence taken out on a little

Tears disappearing along with a voice, ascending heights
of transparent ceilings, hiding away on the other side of
bleeding memories, stuck within folds of grey matter unable
to stop the incessant beating of innocent life.

Taking it away continually, penetrating everything, killing
intimacy and love before it's ever given a chance to be
learned properly.

Silent, never crying, lost to all, a quiet beautiful child
dies each time, no ideas of why life is so full of pain and

Unnatural expectations displayed and acted out upon her
small fragile body.

Fermented life spilled out upon her with no explanations,
odors nauseating and filling her tiny nostrils.

This little child should only be smelling clay, flowers,
and cookies baking in motherly ovens.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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