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Abyssinians Ascension Of Nyabinghi
WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Abyssinians Ascension Of Nyabinghi

Abyssinians ascension Of Nyabinghi
Written by: Wilfred Mellers
Saturday, August 9,2014

Bronze delight grows nappy Afros
Mighty nations stood before you the pharaohs
Hidden behind eyes brown of your sorrows
A beacon of hope for brighter tomorrow's
Shores once calm with waters shallow
Swept out to sea while swine they swallow
Once standing greater than Apollo
Empty now your drums plays hollow

Hearts tender filled by despair
Nubian royalty defined by your hair
Game stacked the deck played are unfair
Precious pride needs an overhaul to repair
Strike up the band sound a mighty fanfare
More enlightened you are than even Voltaire
Your beauty true humble you are unaware
By the sweat of your brow made them the millionaires

Tanned satin splendid physique
Hangs the universe on every word you speak
Worriers spiritually sheltering the weak
Ebony rose and truly mystique
You the world wants to critique
Above par and heavenly unique
Envious places snowmen will creep
Desperately seeking to join your clique

Because of you new life began
Your DNA scientist wants to scan
Spiced the food no long bland
Your source of life they now demand
First to stand upright and survey the lands
Monuments build with hands without any plans
Sexy chic and the total new brand
Trials and tribulations still left to withstand

Essence sweet is the fragrance
Suffering from an unfounded grievance
Standing in the way the Yetis are the impedance
Our beauty now to trade and sequence
Poising frequently causing an interference
Utterance worshiped lacking coherence
Needing not your approval or your clearance
PreJudged by an Afrocentric appearance

Slaving by day earns a food
Smooth the criminal aims he must elude
Ancestral knowledge they want to delude
Dreads upon my head culturally I'm fed
Truth must never be left unsaid
Infectious the diseases they intend to spread
Piled high cried the African child
By oppression us scornfully they beguiled

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