Welcome Home Grandma.

At the edge,
You put our hearts when you took your long trip.
Patiently we've being waiting,
Ernestly we've being expecting.

Our root's soil,
Our stem's loam.
In you our base was based.
And from you the spring of which we are sprang.

With the love you've shown us,
we need not ask what care you gave our root.
You must have spoilt him with love,
and lavished your every sweetness on him.

After a long long stay from our sights,
your branches are dancing with the wind.
The wind of your return.
Sweet Grandma,
You're welcome home!

by Justice JiteEda

Comments (2)

How painful the beauty of acacias bloom... Sometimes is said that the longest, strongest love is for one that we can't have...By this poem, I think it may be true.
Very nice! Sounds like a life story only partially told....<><