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Like two rocks, like two pillars
Down like demolition fall
All remains unperturbed by the mad and the madness
A pain, crushing sore for the families evermore
We've seen it all before
In the books of history
Like the last breath before death
Like a sunken city beneath the sea
There's a mass above the stained glass
There's a deranged leper man
Like the restraint of a hungry leopard
Like arousal from a sleepy snail
It's the accelerator

Jet fuel. Mob rule. Taken down like the cabin door
Baptize me in Allah's blood until I reach the tower north
We've known it all along
Like motion in a photograph
Like stillness in the wind
There's New York outside the window
Like a turbine inside the pentagon
There's vacancy at the Wailing Wall
There may be space for even more
There's a hostess on the aisle floor
Like a bloodless door on the day of lent
The final grace has been spent
It's the accelerator

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Langston Hughes


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