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Accept And Let Go
CJS (June 06,19** / Zamboanga)

Accept And Let Go

Poem By Cheneth Jane San Diego

Thank you for bringing back my smile
Even though it’s just for a while
Coz I know sooner or later you’ll gonna leave
And I still have a life to live

You taught me to live again
And explained that he’s not the only man
You ask me to move on
And beg me to stop holding on

You said life is never easy
And sometimes it can really be messy
But I should learn how to fight
Especially if I know I’m right

But sometimes not all right
Is worth all the fight
Sometimes you just have to accept and let go
Even if you do love him so

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Comments (3)

Loved it, simply amazing!
it's hard to let go because it keeps on coming back. nice poem thanks.
I like the fact that rhymes are involved here. The poem itself does not express a central core idea. It talks about one thing and then seems to move to something else without a transition. I'm not quite sure what it means then. GW62