A Ray Of Hope

As this very midpoint of my life
I came to reflect that I'd made
My life floating like a cloud
To go nearer to the star I sought
From the time I found my love to hold.

Every night before I sleep
I prayed hard that He would grant
What my heart desired to have you
On my lap to sing a lullaby instead
But it seemed like a deferred wish.

Sometimes I felt dismayed
I hurdled many races but failed
To have you in my arms a mess
Don't know what may come next
To accept or to deny the circumstances.

But still in the middle of the night
I'd want to draw an imaginary picture
Of you that one day you would reach
This home to let you know that
I've waited a very long time for you.

Even if with or without your being a part
of this weary heart forever I know
I have taken the risk to grasp a ray of hope.

by Geselle Pagaran Maderal

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Comments (3)

Loved it, simply amazing!
it's hard to let go because it keeps on coming back. nice poem thanks.
I like the fact that rhymes are involved here. The poem itself does not express a central core idea. It talks about one thing and then seems to move to something else without a transition. I'm not quite sure what it means then. GW62