Accept It

There are so many lessons,
I continue to learn...
About the living of life,
With a kept peace of mind.
Even though I could pride myself,
From time to time...
For an earning of a happiness,
I have obtained from high steps to climb.
I've awakened to discover,
One lesson to learn like none other.
And that is...
Now matter how much I 'think' I know,
To have earlier understood and to comprehend...
With it to blurt right out of my opened mouth,
And maybe to say something making better sense...
Than someone else claiming,
They knew what I don't to begin an argument.
I listen.
And listening has taught me this:

IF 'ever' someone offers to assist,
Accept it.

Don't even suggest you could do,
Whatever it is to do better.
OR quicker than the rest.
Take every opportunity to put your mind at rest.
Don't be foolish and refuse,
A blessing given to then make excuses...
To reject.
Don't do this.

Whatever it is someone else offers to you,
To help and assist...
Accept it.
A life to live to know,
Has been blessed to leave a making of impressions...
Left to someone else,
Seeking to shine and bright under light if they wish...
Accept it.

How much light does one with peace of mind,
How many pieces of a pie can one eat,
After expressing the taste is sweet.
If someone else wants to get just a whiff of it?
Why should you care when you know what's there?
Accept it.
Observe and encourage them to do it more.
No matter how much wisdom,
You have been blessed and believed bestowed.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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