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Accept Life As It Is

Accept life as it is

These are the ways of the world

Reason has fled

Love follows swiftly behind

Waiting upon the day

When humanity returns

To the once


The foundation has been laid

Now,the workmen await

The order to build

New structures

These orders will not come from below


From the above

Until that day

Do the best you can

To keep the darkness at bay

Until the arrival of Light

That will give direction

That will give purpose

That will give meaning

The circle goes around

Cleansing the old

Refreshing anew


Accept life as it is

For now


Await the return of reason

Followed by Love

©2019 M.N. Hopkins

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Comments (7)

A beautiful piece my dear poet. Keep writing and spreading the light. Thanks for sharing
Lovely piece. Thank u, dear poet. anjandev roy.
Season! ! Reason has fled. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Lovely picture and matching poem. I am not good at free verse and admire those who can pull it off. Congratulations!
Michael, this is quite moving. At times, to keep the darkness at bay, as you wrote is quite a challenge.....Panagiota Romios. Thank you for directing me to this one,
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