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Accept Thy Poverty As Thy Fate

We are daughters,
we are sisters also
but as we marry and go
we do not look back and pine
for love and affection
from the home
or from the fathers and mothers
or from the brothers and sisters
we have left behind.
Those years at our paternal home
pass holding hands,
feeding each other
laughing, bathing,
sleeping together
as children,
throwing water at each other
pushing and pulling at each other
till into women we grow.
How much those hearts
must have pained
of our parents
as they saw us go
to make our homes
under another man's roof;
how much those eyes
of our brothers
must have silently
hidden their tears
as slowly we departed
with the man of our choice
to make him a husband
and to spend the rest of our life
in the circumference of his love
as happily we share our time
with him and with his children
who are born out of that wedlock.
All those supportive moments
we allot to our husbands,
his troubles we share
his happiness we care
the money we earn we contribute
to his welfare.
yet some sisters never stop to wreck
the peace of their poor brothers
who have struggled in life
to be successful;
those sisters keep asking for charity
without any conscience
without realizing that their brothers
need their earnings
for their own tomorrows
for their own security;
and though some rich brothers
have wealth in abundance
those brothers will themselves
give in generosity
and not by hatred.

by Bernedita Rosinha Pinto

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