241. what Is Yourrelations With?

Loneliness and memory
Silence and patience
Meeting and separation
Arrogance and humility
Fame and ill-known
Tears and smile
Friendship and enemity
Love and hate
Happiness and sorrow
Night and day
Rich and poor
Life and death
Spring and Autumn
Flower and thorn
Kindness and terror
Progressand backwardness
Victory and defeat
Youth and old age
Rise andand downfall
Closeness and aloofness
If you think you couldrealize
How precious life is
Live every moment with joy
Which is key to success
All these are nothing but
Two aspects of our lives
Which gives you message
How to live and spend
your sajourn on earh

by mamutty CHOLA

Comments (12)

'Learn to accept everything in life, Accept you can change your life! ! ' Brilliant write, love the above lines most,10+++
true and wise words..well done 10+++
i disagree. don't accept it... u need to continue striving for more...yet not be greedy. good poem though
I loved the poem I could actually feel your words
what a way with words... superb rendering there an intricate combination of religious thought reflection and pwerful emotive message cheers
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