Acceptable Madness

Is this problematic.
And more noticeable to have it,
As clear to hear the roar of thunder.
To be heard in the distance.
But no one can ignore,
What approaches to come near.

Many no longer stunned will agree.
That an elected official picked to sit,
In a position for everyone in the World...
Can see.
Has achieved the ability,
To be beneath...
The beginnings to consider,
Impeachment proceedings.
This to accomplish,
Is a remarkable status never before done.

Even to discuss it,
Has left many disgusted.
Admitting to themselves,
To know this feeling real.
Is better kept concealed.
Than displaying in public,
An out of control rage.
That would only leave,
One elected and picked to lead...
Loving all of the attention,
Someone like this feeds upon.
And incredible as it is...
Wishes any proceedings of impeachment,
Identifies to qualify...
One's place to cement in history.

"Which way should this be handled? "

-Either way we move,
To do what is needed to be done.
Regardless how we decide.
We will be left,
The ones eventually screwed.-

"This is absolutely crazy! "

-It is.
No one here disagrees.
Who is loving,
Every moment of this predicament?
Should that be discussed.
More than this craziness,
Allowed to continue to erupt? -

"This is more than problematic.
This nonsense has become,
An acceptable madness."

No one here disagrees,
The success of it left to leave.-

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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