Poem By Janice M Pickett

The greatest gift we are given is


We are destined to live X amount of years

This is our school of Learning

A place we come to to grow as spirits

If we cut that time short

We will be back to do it again

to take the same path until

we learn the lesson


Is recognising what that lesson is

and then facing it

instead of running away from it

There is no victory in suicide

We do not escape

Know now that there


You are a spirit being

Forgiveness is your greatest lesson

no matter what you suffer

you have to forgive


Brings a peace and understanding that

the person causing the pain

or the situation causing the pain

is doing it to fulfill a lesson for you

No matter how hard that sounds


They are not responsible for their actions

they are puppets on a string

there for a reason.


Comments about Acceptance

No doubt life is the greatest gift in this universe. Living is not just an art, it is worship. That is why suicide is forbidden in religion. Wonderful and wise write, Janice. Deserves 10/10. Best Regards Naseer

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