Yes its hard to let go!
when the pain in your heart knows you are simply fulfilling the necessary realm.
Destroying the very thing you have sought forever,
knowing full well it will not be found again
but persueing the final phase -as will always been the case!
Forever lost - as is written on the vellum!
Pages of time yellow'd with years.
Long ordained choices, yearnings ignored.
A thosand decades bred the eventual decree.
It is not innana who destryed Tammas! !
Nor Tammas innana!
No matter who you are and which realms you transend,
you may only destroy yourself!
Or allow yourself to be destroyed!
Unknown will never accept the destructing of a self through the pain of another.
They are simply unable to conceive.
Lost within the mere conception of sacrifice,
no understanding of our words.
For they were never there to understand.
500 years to young to even see the love! !
Yes you were HE and will continue to be.
I am aware of this as are you.
How many more realms are we to travel,
how many more hearts must cease to beat?
Only to wake again with the hunger,
to discover the futile outcome of the wait.
The forever circle, no end to prophesy.
I shall yearn for you again as I do now,
but I will push you away.
Is release a mere acceptance I have yet to learn?

by nicola forbes

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