Acceptance. Adulthood And Maturity

People are known,
To gather and flock...
Around those to be downtrodden.
Those perceived to have been forgotten.
But not.
As if to prevent to stop,
Their fast spiral to the ground.
Making mouths to open and jaws drop.
Life to live to not avoid the facing of sorrows,
Delivers to many a profound clarity.

And yet...
Those watching this flocking to observe,
Do not suspect or expect it found...
To hear from those who grieve to disbelieve,
The ones who are downtrodden...
Are often responsible for actions,
They make to create but can not accept...
Being accountable for the hearts they break.
Or take into consideration,
The feelings of others who allow themselves...
To grieve unendlessly.
Drained from an unconditional love expressed.
That can not be simply explained.
Not with this to address,
Over and over again and again to do repeatedly.
So difficult it is to have feelings like this,
For those who seem unable to mend...
From attachments they have had since childhood.
Or to know what is felt inside of them,
That can not heal to be done.

Adulthood and maturity has to be experienced.
And it is unfortunate,
Many children grow older but not grow up to learn.
Leaving the ones to rush to those downtrodden,
Unable to teach how life should be lived.
Or these lessons left to comprehend.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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