JR (22 September / London)

Acceptance Dance

She stands on river's brink to think
of future fair ahead,
holds hands with wonder's link to ink
all hope her heart has said.

She dreams beyond the veil this tale
to share where all mundane
may shed away, hope's gleam won't fail
to soothe away past pain.

She sways below the mountain high
to rhythms heart may start
to startle into starlit sky
from hibernation, chart

the way to interplay which may
anticipations meet,
where each day's reach may break away
from cares, and, sharing, greet

dreams blessed as fears fade, laid to rest,
metamorphosis wished -
renewed is zest, heart's treasure chest
unlocked, unblocked, relished.

She leans into the breeze and sees
fresh opportunities
where Love love frees to please, to tease,
to seize beyond the seas

Joy where she understands all lands
by rainbow bridge are spanned,
as mountain lies at peace with skies
where providence joins hands

with laughter, light, by day, by night,
by insight spurred to fly
on wings of white to true delight:
acceptance seeks no 'Why? '

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‘…She sways below the mountain high//to rhythms heart may start//to startle into starlit sky from hibernation, chart…’ Finest rhapsodic … oh ho hibernation, chart … wow... visual... 10 Ms. Nivedita UK