Acceptance Is The Key

Once something is identified,
And recognized as a detriment...
One tries to hide inside with lies,
Repeatedly said as if a 'mantra'...
To defy honesty with this to decide,
As a choice to select to self abuse...
Acceptance is the key.

Acceptance is the key,
In the making...
Of those necessary changes,
One personally needs...
To know the ease of excuses to use,
Will always be there to refuse the truth.

Acceptance is the key.
Since denials kept to keep...
Attracts the chasing away to delay,
A reality to embrace some find too painful.
And remains a self inflicting agony.
Tormenting to stay in one's mind everyday.

There is no relief found to come to this kind,
Of mentality.
Sufferers of woes love to expose themselves,
On a daily basis

And unbelievable as it is to discover...
That pain to feel after truth has been revealed,
Is a blessing in disguise one begins to realize...
Empathy sought to seek is not the cure or remedy!
Not these days when many crazed are on display.

Acceptance is the key that can release anyone,
From a remorse to feel to get rid of it.
Especially when it becomes recognized,
As a kept emotional detriment.
With wishes to want others to pay,
For consequences at their expense.

Acceptance is the key.
And many not taught this lesson to learn,
Are in need to have it taught to teach

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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