Accepting oneself
Takes time
Learning to truly love oneself...
A bit longer

by Dee Daffodil Click to read full poem

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Change! ! Step by step. Nice work.
Hi Dee. Can't argue with having to take time, and time taken can often lead to greater understanding. thanks for the read Regards Dave T.
an inspiring write! concise yet powerpacked
Dee, it is really a beautiful peice heart raising, i do appreciate, certainly deserve s its due right, skillful penning of different genere
Not surprised that everyone has said their piece about this one, it's just clever, concise and brilliant. S x
Dee, you really got me with this one. I've been there a too many times for comfort. Great write. Thanks for sharing it. David
this one really hits the spot for me...great job
It's like a big unravelling of all the rubbish that we bind to ourselves, and that's bound to us by life. It's great to get there but it would be nice to get there in time! ! Lovely, wise thoughts, very concisely expressed Dee. xx jim
So true Dee, I always say if you don't love yourself how then can you possibly give love to anyone else. Certainly we must keep all negative forces at bay and surround ourselves with positive energy. It does take time, but it truly can be done. This is a wonderful poem Dee, Thankyou.---Melvina---
perhaps more easily with a supportive cast and scriptwriter, critic, and friend to offer positive suggestions
I really like this one very much Dee… but looking at the score, I’m not alone… a sure 10
So very, very true. You've made solid points here. It certainly does take time. One cannot cross the sea in a day, one must be patient. Well said Dee. Nice write.
I like this write, It is like what they do you eat a whale..? ? lol, , Dee
Hi Dee, This is a great poem, I believe the same way. I think confidence in yourself protrays who you are, but sometimes I think it is hard to be confident. I believe it's also your environment and circumstances of how one was brought up. It is hard to accept yourself if you were put down constantly. Excellent poem Dee.
Great write Dee....there's something to think upon. Jay x
A great message that's brightened up my day. Thanks for this Dee. Hugs Anna xxx
That was a great poem, it had a lot of truth in it. Great work Dee
Dee, so much profound wisdom in this... great write! ! Brian
I see this is one of your greatest hits, Dee, and no wonder! An important message eloquently and serenely written. A grand piece to which I shall return. t x
Yes Dee....Accepting yourself with all the nuances and being comfortable with oneself an inner peace.Good write. Love...TO