And so because they were my parents they would accept me as i am,
are they not suppose to understand that despite it all i am my own person?

Am i supposed not want to make my own life and not be what they want me to be?
what about what i want for myself?

I always thought when you have children you would love them regardless of anything, that you would appreciate them as individuals who will one day make their own choices....

Its not about them being sucessful and upright all the time. its about them having a good heart
its about them despite all their turmoil being able to stand upright

I pray so hard to God that i never ever stifle my child into being me..
I pray i give him the space he needs to be his own person

Anyhow... its ok coz i learnt long time ago that the only acceptance i need is the one from me...
as long as am cool with who i am then its all good
God i know accepts me coz deep down he knows my heart is in the right place.

by Elizabeth Jacqueline Mpanga

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