Poem By Liberty (Tammie S. Wright)

I too had sat,
Wishing that an 'is'...
And living through those experiences...
That came to stay in my head,
And wouldn't from me leave!

I too had sat,
Wishing that an 'is'...
And I could close my eyes,
With a squeeziing out...
Of anything unpleasant!

I too had sat,
Wishing that an 'is'...
With a beginning again,
Of an 'is'...

And forever I would live...
A life free of unexpected grief and sorrow.
And yet...
Those yesterdays came and went.
Leaving me to learn and grow...
Accepting some things I just could not reject!

And not be afraid to do...
The accepting.
Even if I wept or was swept up in a happiness,
In the doing of it.

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