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Accepting The Unacceptable
GH (April 24th / Penzance England)

Accepting The Unacceptable

Poem By Gerard Heathcote

We have to live with what we’ve got
But I wont tighten the nooses knot
Accept and be thankful they all say
To hell with those who kneel and pray
You only get what you seek in life
But risky bits will cause you strife

For seeking out it’s the price we pay
But opportunity’s around each day
Keep on going take the ride
And in time you’ll turn the tide
Advice is easy it’s like our mother
These words are for me and no other

Each avenue explored leaves behind
Footprints of hope for others to find
As I look back I ponder the view
The mark fades away so nothing’s new
Nothing seems fixed and sticky like glue
I thought it’d be easy to replace me and you

Acceptance thought of upside down
Means fight the loss regain the crown
Or leave behind and start anew
A future bright and sparkling too
Young flesh may think this is great
Old bones hardly clean the slate

Once again return to time
I hate the word it feels like slime
I hear that healing takes a rest
You must pull back the urgent quest
No silver lining has this cloud
I know and feel acceptance shroud

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Comments (2)

accepting the enchanting.................great write gerard.
dear gerard Each avenue I explore leaves behind A footprint of hope for others to find - these two verses are nice