(Jan.10 1985 / Martin, Kentucky)

Accepting The Unacceptable

I don't get it...

And you!
You're a heartless GOD!
Well, here is my question,
'Why can't you have given my Love a break? '

I won't accept it...

And you!
You call yourself STARS?
Well, here is a wish,
'Don't let him die.'

I can't take it...

And you!
You are a worthless DREAM!
Well, here is a dream,
'He'd smile and continue breathing.'

I am fighting it...

And you!
You are not his FATE!
Well, here is his fate,
'He will stay alive! '

I want him here with me not it!

And YOU!
Well, here is death,
'He will not make it.'

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