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Accident And Emergency Unit
(23/06/1971 / Mgbowo, Enugu State, Nigeria.)

Accident And Emergency Unit

Poem By akachukwu chukwuemeka ( akabeks)

Surgical section, Medical section,
Bed one, bed two, bed three …
Feeding and oxygen tubes in nostrils,
Catheter, Diapers… antiseptic odour fills the air.
Coma, blood, vomit, excrement, and the cleaners
Work like whiskey; emotion numbed.
Dedicated doctors and nurses stand at their toes,
Lousy ones gallivant with I-phone at hand.
Graduate and students doctors confront their future, family
Members cross their heart.
Angels of life and messengers of death in open confrontation;
Who will live, who will die …
The uninitiated feel giddy and nausea at first arrival,
At a dial, blank faced morgue attendants wheel their
Trolley in and out…silently…
Every life saved is another experience,
Every life lost is a research subject.
Hospital Emergency Unit,
A theater of absurd.

© October 2014.

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