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Accidental Love

We could not have met,
Going by any statistical probability!
And the possibility of us
Falling in love, were even lower
But we did!

Which makes me wonder if,
The nature of love is accidental,
With transient ebbs and flows.
Does receiving love start the countdown,
To when it will turn away.

Love magically appears to
Alter events, and change the way
We understand our journey.
Soon, we’re soaring on dreamy wings,
And start feeling the heat, on getting too close.

The opposite force
Of rejection, grows stronger!
After the haze fades,
Realization dawns,
With the realities of living after love.

So is the journey, the silent truth,
Companions come and go
We trudge on alone,
To forever,
Shedding layers of make-believe.

Giving evidence with our hearts,
That must be open to joy and sorrow.
Only then do we begin to understand,
This, most tender and strong of all creations
Of the universe.

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A soul-searching composition....that questions one of the most powerful emotions known to mankind. Deeply Moving!
Accidental or not, we have stumbled into a paradise of which we cannot escape. This garden of Eden will flourish till the sun goes dark.