(March 30,1987 / Buffalo, New York)

Accidental Necessity

I've had the worst
of both your worlds.
Is there a third
that will unfurl?

Hands drowned in blood;
Broken glass eyes;
What did I do?
What did I prove?

My shallow heart
drowns in my tears.
Floodgates open
my world of fears!

A prediction
An addiction
A conviction
An affliction

A broken crutch;
A mishandled clutch;
What did I do?
What did I prove?

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Comments (3)

Whether accident or necessity, here it is again. A broken structure. Poems cannot have structures of this kind. They are too short for variations. GW62
PS.. I tink my tongue picture is bigger and better than yours.... what do you tink?
The last stanza tells me that you never read the manuals... aroha... PS that tis called 'Essentially Male'..