Accidents Are Very Necessary

accidents are very necessary
especially when
one is not given a true fate
I think of them as my own
special moments in time
to think that so many things
were there where I was
when they could all have been
someplace else!
I treasure
each bruise I get
from bumping into chairs or people
- January 27,1974

by umashankar manthravadi

Comments (5)

sure sometimes accidents shower the most beautiful moments...or bitter........
One must first know truly recognize the value....of...pleasure!
every accident, every bumping count to the experience of life...very well said and also didactic in tone...In hindi we have a saying...' JO HOTA HAI ACHHE KE LIYE HOTA HAI' Thank you for such thoughful verse....
Umashankar, A very unique view, that injury and experience instruct and lead us to that which we become. Thank you. Don
I have read some of your poems and I didn't understand most of them. But I understood and loved this poem. I am a kid and I don't understand poetry that well, but still, I loved this poem. Maybe, one day, I shall be able to read all your poems with understanding. Love, Risha...... kid on the loose