KJ (13/01/89 / Newcastle)

Accidents Happen!

No matter where I go accidents happen
Normally because am too busy yappin
I try my best not to fall
Gravity always makes the final call
Again and again I come back to my feat
I will never give in to this defeat
Maybe I should be wrapped in cotton wool
But then that would make my life very dull
Then I think I was born to be a stunt girl
Breaking through fire doors then doing a twirl
But maybe I should admit I am accident prone
So give me my crown and I’ll sit on that throne!

by Kirsti Jennifer

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Comments (5)

A very enjoyable read. This is a fun poem, and they're kind of rare. Thanks for sharing, Kristi. As always, Keep Writing... -Rick
Kirsti, A cute little poem. Keep on writin'! ! Robert
If ur a accident prone girl, then i should be an accident prone man, nice read Kirsti.
Reminds me of the teenage years. Keep writing Kirsti!
awesome poem Kirsti! Accident prone perhaps but you have a really cool way with words! Hugs, Dee