According To Friendship

According to Friendship
Best of friends know how
To despise their friends
And let them know now
That the rest of life depends
On how strong your friends
Keep you off the deep ends

People leave places
Leaving behind tricky traces
Faces facing other faces
And each one embraces
A past, present and future of geared graces
Each the other replaces
In the human’s memory of peace and paces

Friends leave attached
To a heart they left and latched
On Four ends of the earth
There are friends who mix and match
Their friends’ thoughts and dispatch
Their message, siren or silenced,
To the airwaves for their friends to catch

Friends know you
Then don’t tell you who
They see in their special view
They see you in a video
Designed only for friendship 2
The sequel to the intro
The next screening of the scenario
Is when friends ask you to direct
Them out of the misfit shoe
And when you do
They hate you
And they thank only you.

by Ragy Sandid

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