According To Love

According to love, you love
And love has its own accord
Those who love can’t afford
To put their on love on record
Not knowing on love’s scale
What they scored.

Those who love know they’re lovin’
When they see the smile in the eyes
When they know they diminished the disguise
When truths are sweeter dipped in dyes
Those who love know when
They claim the sole prize

Those who love know they’re loved
When they see what they love from afar
Like the sky carrying plane lights on stars
And seeing dawn from the curtains of the car
As you feel the wind
To let you know you have gone far.

Those who love know when they love
The loved one will remember their love
When they look from their window up above
Or when they stick to the ground they’re made of
And know there’s a face somewhere
That does the same and approve.

According to love, there are those
Who can’t have love and those who can
Those who won’t even if they can
Those who don’t do love and those who plan
According to love –
Love is a coincidence that mindsets have it manned.

by Ragy Sandid

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