WMP (October 1951 / London, UK)

According To The News.

My phone is tapped
My mail examined.
My mere appearance
Can cause anger.

My Doctors files
Are Government knowledge.
So -
What else do they know?
We live in an an age of pretence
That all is safe and correct.

George Orwells spirit
Hovers near.
In these times of fearfull 1933
No one, and yet no one
Would believe in a Police State
This is 2006
And I fear the future.

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Comments (6)

Is Big Brother alive and well? I fear so. Well said.
Willow: Your old enough to remember the ' 60's don't you believe it's a litle better now? would you check out my new poem titled ' happiness' and let me know what you think. thanks
'The time is out of joint', Shakespeare said. It still is.
Yes an unsettled changing world predicted by the insightful.
I think you've captured a fear many of us share.........I've thought about this alot but was never able to put it so nicely into words as you have. Sincerely, Mary
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