When I came to my senses, sweetheart
I only recall the beaded pillows of poetry
A hundred stitches, inscriptions of passion
Scattered like fertilised embryos in the wind
Lavitating like a racing horse chasing sun
And Hhemu exclaimed, "What is that flash ?"
As the bold bolt of your gaze knocked me senseless

by Mazisi Kunene

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Beautifully crafted poem. Well translated. Extraordinary poet.
Massive talent, bold and searching himself for the truth of his importance and very existence. I believe the translators must have made an extraordinary effort to bring us his words. Excellent poet.
meri bavkoofi ki history se bady granth likhay ja saktay hain kuch hongay mere moorakh pan ke jasiay bhonray ko agar pata hai k jal jayay ga shama ke sholay main phir bhi wo uski taraf urta jaata hai kuch hongay chinta ko shanti danay ke baray hidayantay jinay main nay na sua -to be continued later if Allah allows
For one thing! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
What a great poem! I certainly can relate. And what a great encouragement to embrace who we are. For those of you who read this and like great poetry anthologies in English, see the one he edited with the title A Book of Luminous Things. -GK
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