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Accumulating Days That Lead To The Grave

In my mind,
I value the Easter Sunday life:
The resurrection
Of the spring sunrise,
The flowery parks and paths,
The children dressed
In their church school best.

But none of that life is me,
I’m the solitary soldier
Of the decaying urban streets
Breathing in the car exhaust
Of the common defeat;
I’m the midnight observer
Of dark poetic scenes:

I’ve seen violent dykes
Take off theirs tops
And threaten to fight
Until they kissed and made up;
I’ve seen a female wino
Face a storefront and scream
And then say her rosary,
Then retreat with boyfriends,
The bearded man with the mousy squeak
And the cowboy Elvis wannabe
To a dirty car
Where sexual transactions did transpire.

I’ve stood in oil and urine pools
Flirting with the saddest prostitutes,
I’ve patiently listened to the same snow job
From the same con man three times
In the same disoriented week
And fell for it at least twice.

I don’t make judgments
About any of this vice,
I just keep looking for meaning
In the accumulating days
That lead to the grave.

by Uriah Hamilton

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Well, some of us can't take place in the Easter Parade, but a peek at it is always nice - before we go back to unmade bed. I admire your gift. It seems that beauty is hurting you into song. It's worth it. I found much to envy in this write. (Why didn't I say that?)
Wow, powerful message... that's all we can do is keep searching for meaning in the time we have left. Brian
Wonderfully written. The last three lines really pack a powerful punch. S
Very well written! You are an extremely vivid writer.
wow uriah, this is so amazing...honestly, I'm at a loss for words..
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