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Accumulators Anonymous

Poem By Fred Schraff

There ought to be a 12-step group
for people just like me
I tend to accumulate
what’s bought and what is free.

Anything that neatly stacks
will become a pile
papers wait in many places
I have yet to file.

I have trouble throwing out
anything of use
lacking time to sort through it
is my first excuse.

Clothing I have not worn out
often hangs for years
space reclaimed from junk
refills when it clears.

Don’t misunderstand me
I know well what’s there
I know what I’ve got
and mostly I know where.

Hanging on my basement wall
an old cut-out cartoon
speaks to my mentality
a graphic self-lampoon.

“I would rather have it
not needing it at all
than to be without it
when the need does call.”

My rationale is “what-ifs”
that come into mind,
I’m always thinking that a use
someday I will find.

But I know what to say
to any clutter-hater
'Hi, my name is Fred
I’m an accumulator.'

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