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Accursed Rabbit
(February 12,1958 / Dagauda, Bauchi State, Nigeria)

Accursed Rabbit

Me with a den gun
A friend with one
Neck of the woods we were
After rabbits that lived wild
Shrub after shrub
No rabbits to be found
Not until at the verge of giving up
Then suddenly appeared one

He at the fore
Me at the heel
A few meters separating us-
A little janglers' trick
And here came this rabbit
Here he came blindly towards our line

My friend raised his gun
Gaaa…gaaaaaa….! He shouted
Gaaa…gaaa…., not a trigger pulled
Not until the rabbit had passed
And passed between his legs
Then baaaaang went off his gun
Gun let off the opposite side
GAME! He finally uttered
And I who was to him giving a covering
Tossed away my gun
Sprawled myself on the ground
And hooted with the laughter of my days

Just then the rabbit came upon me
And as he was crossing my chest
I urged him on and cursed
Cursed him for disturbing my fun

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