( / Ashland, Kentucky)


I washed my hands my job is done
I’ve worked alone and my journal has been completed
My task has been reached with help from no one
Another project I attacked, and it has been defeated.

I have so happily and boldly both achieved
The reward that I have drastically sought
Though the same idea other people have perceived
But the work and sweat is what I have brought.

I now check off another item off my to-do list
My workload now has greatly diminished
Now as I scan over the items no other projects do exist
I can finally sit and relax, as my work is finished.

I happily look out upon all of my accomplishments
With heavy breathing and beads of sweat falling off my face
Only the wind returns a breeze with its acknowledgements
Life and work I give them both a great embrace.

I sit and I relax and so I contemplate
As I draw up some new plans on my chart
Now I am in a hurry and I am anxious and I can’t wait
Tomorrow, GOD willing, my new jobs will start

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