MP (22 August 1961 / Chennai Tamil Nadu India)

Aching Love

My heart aches day by day in thy thoughts,
My world of dreams is full of thee,
Thy image travels with me where ever I go,
Tears roll into my heart with thy image engraved.
I long for thy smile for my heart,
Smile to me that I rejoice in thy thought,
Let pain in heart be disappeared.
My heart longs for thy presence.
If thou hast love for me in thy heart,
My heart shall fly into thy heart,
And sing songs of love to make thee rejoice.
Do not draw veil betwixt our hearts,
For my heart full of thee shall become weary.
Is thy heart longing for my heart?
Breathe thy word of love into mine,
And my heart shall fly high with thy thoughts.
Smile unto me, into my heart,
My heart shall dwell in yhy thoughts.

by MBJ Pancras

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