JD (23- 03- 1988 / Imo state, Nigeria)

Aching Smile Of Heroes

Some darkest night have shown without a word from light, some hard winds have knocked but without a sound they sit, some storms have smiled and without a clown in the stage they laughed, some time-count have shown itself and with the biggest nightmares they dwell in my home.
The thought of quitting to a quiet and peaceful realm have occurred but my home is so sweet to be sour, so tight to be loose, so beautiful to be a beast, so cruel to be nice. The thought of running from this days have lived as a neighbor for a long time but the companion of boldness, advice of courage and sweet words from LOVE have kept my feet strong rooted in these sands.
The shame of losing to fear have kept my eyes dried, the fear of putting mud on Life made my heart stronger than stone and high bid than treasures of the mother earth.
The call of survival calls on my weak-rocky home, 'the finish line is just a smile ahead, stand and conquer'. i guess these lights where just here all this while but my eyes didn't catch it, i guess these poles where here all these while for me to hold but my fingers was dead to reach this cold standing ore... why didn't i see these lights? why didn't my fingers catch this ore stand? ' this is a challenge for men, for they fight to see a way out, struggle to stand their foot on the tunnel, swim through some doubtful winning, and survive the worse nightmares and only in their memory will the 'aching smiles of the heroes' dwell

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