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Acid Rain
DB (12/08/1988 / Melbourne Australia)

Acid Rain

Acid rain
Is falling down
Feel the pain
And touch the sound
I’m leaving now
Drifting away
Don’t know if I’ll be back today

Is it Reality I’m not sure
Coz what I’m seeing I’ve never seen before
Got no feeling, nothing to say
Just lying back and floating away
No worries no problems
Not a bother in the world
But 6 hours later I bet I’ll hurl

Taste the yellow
Hear the blue
Tripping out I’m gonna spu
Feeling like shit I need a boost
take the rope and make a noose

Where do I sleep and what do I eat
If I’m lying down and can’t feel my feet

2hrs left then I can go home,
To a nice warm bed with pillows and a dooner
If I start flying now I’ll get home sooner

This shit is whack
And i can’t come back
Reality’s gone
And i feel I’m lost
So what now?
Just wait to defrost?

My heads a mess I cant stand up
And yet I can’t lie down
I don’t know what I’m doing
I can’t feel the ground
I see the wind rush right by
It’s Smokey and cold and not quite dry
It blows my hair
Right of my head
Now I’m bald
And only two apples tall
I’m on a chair about to fall
Who will catch me?
Will I die?
I don’t care so I say goodbye.

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