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Acid Tears
WM (02/23/1985 / West Palm Beach, FL)

Acid Tears

I remember the good nights
me and her singing and laughing
I wish I could take away the fights
To her did it mean a thing

It's like loosing a sister
Only I never had a real one
Everyone thought I wanted to kiss her
But I was just enjoying the fun

She made me a better man
Isn't that what friends do
Emotions are as fickle as sand
Liers saying I wanted a screw

Is that why she was distant
Even though she says no
Why was she so resistant
Friendship was all I wanted to grow

'The Islander' flows through my head
As I wonder if she's alright
Echos of what she said
I don't care who was right

It hurts to know she may not return
I just want her friendship back
From every mistake I learn
I'm out of aces, only jacks

I'd give up all of my possessions
Just for her friendship
I've admitted all of my transgressions
And the fact that I have slipped

I never would have fought this hard
For most of my other friends
I still have the scar
I'm still trying to make amends

I love her like a sister
I helped her when she was down
I'll always miss her
I'll always be somewhere around

Even if we never talk again
I'll still help her if she needs it
I don't care how long it's been
Whatever she needs I'll get

Someday I'll get used to the pain
Of loosing a good friend
My tears falling like acid rain
I'll be here till the bitter end

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