The Nyctophiliac

Waiting for the day to cease,
Where I shall hug you in your nothingness,
Knowing that you're absent of light, nonetheless.
Everyday you die,
I wait in the corner, shattered, broken and paralyzed with grief,
Till you reincarnate into yourself,
And for that love you give.
I touch every part of your body,
But then I haven't even touched a little part of your body.
Fading I am, and going into you,
For the sake of the promise that I made to you,
For acquiring the bliss of your kiss, in turn,
My love, I am walking away into the land of no return!


Eyelids move up and I breath,
And I try to rise,
To make love to you, I seek the price,
All around my coffin till the heaven's door,
As I walk, about you, I adore,
To the angels and the souls of dead fish at the shore,
Now plodded a moment,
When with you, I'm totally done,
Under the rays of sun,
Where you vanish more and more,
When the soul of mine recalls,
Recalls of you being a whore!

by Awsaaf Ali

Comments (4)

lol. so true.... hearts gina
OH, true, very true unfortunatly! nice subject to write on! ~~Elya Thorn~~
Oh so true. You're right on target, though. Well done. Warmest regards, CJ
Freakin' philosopher!