DC (April 28,1972 / Staten Island, NY)

Across A Crowded Room

A crowded room
I see him,
Standing, leaning, searching
I walk towards him
Slowly, purposefully,
Eyes meet, connect.
He smiles, watches,
People disappear.
It is only us.
Look into dark eyes
Fingers stroke
Lips lock softly
Body responding
Wanting, needing, anticipating.
Kiss deeper,
Drowning in warmth.
Lays me down,
Will not fight
Desired for so long.
Passion has control
Enters my soul
We are one.
Waves drown me,
Crash against me
Consumed by warmth
I breathe him
Cries into me
Hold tight against me
I am him
Waves calm
Warmth stays with me
To my very soul.


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hey Danielle. Thos emotions were very clear. I can remember times when they applied to me also....WELL DONE